A Better Tomorrow

Strengthen tomorrow by restoring today.

Positively impacting families and individuals through appropriate placement of funds and resources.


Real Estate The Right Way

Real estate has the ability to positively impact families and individuals through the appropriate placement of funds and resources. We believe we are best equipped to do this through creating opportunities for investors and property owners to achieve their highest goals.

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About Us

The basic values of our company

Transparency | Innovation & Creativity | Tenacity | Excellence

The Way We Work

Under Our Umbrella

We have worked hard to create a unique umbrella of brands and technology to support our vision and mission. Our portfolio of companies provides the foundation needed to build a better tomorrow.

WJY&Co Real Estate Group

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Brick Equity

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Leveraging the insight and support of our portfolio companies.

Our experiences have allowed us to create a suite of tools, technology, and systems for the successful acquisition and management of commercial multi-family and other real estate opportunities.

Our Work

New Opportunities, Unique Challenges

Through our rehabilitation, rebrand, and reposition strategy we are able to bring creative solutions to value-add and other investment profiles in key markets around the U.S.
Our work is deeply seated in the belief that everyone deserves a safe clean, and affordable place to live. We aim to find properties in key markets that we can add-value to and in turn provide a massive positive impact for both the area and our investors.
We are fueled by the belief that rehabilitating and improving properties maximizes returns for investors.


Our Advantages


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Local First

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Quality Tools

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Unique Situations

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Experienced Team

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