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WJY&Co REG is a multifaceted private equity firm specializing in distressed assets and special situations. We primarily invest in the acquisition of core plus and value-add real estate.


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Corpus Cristi

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Rehabilitation, Rebrand, Reposition

We work within our network of highly specialized partners to identify properties that meet our investment criteria and capital partner's needs.  We primarily focus on high return value-add investments in key markets around the US.

Upon the acquisition of the investment, WJY&Co deploys it's team, processes, systems, and partners to ensure the asset is rehabilitated and stabilized to achieve it's highest potential return for our investors. We believe that utilizing full cycle asset performance gives us the ability to further maximize and control the outcomes of our investments.

 After the property is stabilized and is performing at market value, WJY&Co will reposition the existing debt structure to return the initial investment capital to our limited partners. Our investors benefit from both the return of their investment principal and the longer term equity position that traditional multifamily investments offer.

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Bell Street Apartments

1550 Bell St, Amarillo, TX 79106

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Rehabilitate & Rebrand


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Everyone deserves a safe, clean, and affordable place to live.

Too often affordable rental areas become neglected to maximize the returns of landlords. We believe that it is possible to have both a clean and safe living environment and maximize returns for our investors. Everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status deserves to have access to living conditions that allow them to build their lives and raise their families. 

Strengthen tomorrow by restoring today.


Leveraging the insight and support of valued partners to grow.

Strategic relationships with partners have allowed WJY&CO to make an even greater positive impact in the areas we serve.


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What powers WJY&Co REG?

We exist to power individual autonomy,  self improvement, and reviving communities starting at the most foundational place - the home. We believe these three areas are the essential fiber in the fabric of a healthy society.  By elevating communities and providing investors the opportunity to take part in that process we are connecting people around the world. WJY & Co and our investor partners are motivated and driven by being able to witness the direct and positive impact we have on communities and families around the country.  We create win-win scenarios for all parties involved - mproving homes and communities and providing excellent returns for investors. We rise when we lift others.