Returns that outperform the stock market

Make passive income, gain appreciation and equity, and avoid volatility. Real Estate, when done right, can outperform the stock market and provide protection form instability in the market.

Who are syndications for?

Use passive investments in apartments to reach your wealth creation goals.

Syndications are for people who are frustrated by dismal returns they are getting from banks and exhausted by the games they have to play hedge against stock market volatility.

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The Fund

Returns that outperform the stock market

Returns that outperform the stock market while also providing tax benefits and passive cash flow,
Make passive income, gain appreciation and equity, and avoid volatility. Real Estate, if done right, can outperform the stock market and provide protection form instability in the market.

A Look at our syndications

An example of an investment opportunity.

This is an example of the properties we are underwriting and acquiring.
Returns are estimations.


Target Cash on Cash


Target IRR


Target Average Annual Return

For Accredited Investors Only

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Our Work

New Opportunities, Unique Challenges

Through our rehabilitation, rebrand, and reposition strategy we are able to bring creative solutions to value-add and other investment profiles in key markets around the U.S.
Our work is deeply seated in the belief that everyone deserves a safe clean, and affordable place to live. We aim to find properties in key markets that we can add-value to and in turn provide a massive positive impact for both the area and our investors.
We are fueled by the belief that rehabilitating and improving properties maximizes returns for investors.


Why invest in Multi-Family Real Estate?

Cash Flow

Receive reliable monthly cash flow. Most investments take years before you see or experience a positive return.

Passive Income

Passive is the key word here. You place your investment and can focus on what you love while your investment appreciates and pays you.


Investing in real estate is simple and straightforward. Warren Buffett is famous for saying, “ Investments must be rational; if you can’t understand it, don’t do it.”


With multifamily we have two appreciation opportunities. First, by improving the property and second, with market appreciation over time.


Conservative leverage of real estate means you can acquire a much larger asset at a typical 3X multiplier of your investment.


This is one of the only investment strategies that allows you to outperform the stock market without the volatility of the stock market.

Tax Benefits

Real assets hold many tax benefits. Namely, depreciation and cost-segregation


Owner equity increases as debt is payed down over time.

State of the Market

Multi-Family Investing

The US is quickly becoming a renters nation. Why is this? Two primary reasons, millennials and baby boomers.
Millennials are a more fast paced transient bunch. It’s common for this generation to be more transient, and care more about travel and toys than home ownership. As well this generation tends to have a larger amount of debt making qualifying for the rising cost of home ownership very hard to attain.
Baby boomers are retiring and ready to cash out on their homes, not have to worry about yard work and home maintenance. They are ready to live an easier slower paced life while surrounded by folks in their age group to build a sense of community.

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Our Purpose

Why do we syndicate?

So many investors want to take part in multi-family investing but feel they don’t have the team or knowhow to ensure they acquire correctly and manage performance appropriately. We are dedicated to providing a platform that allows you to invest and reap the benefits of multifamily without the skill, knowhow, and team.


Rehabilitation, Rebrand, Reposition

We work within our network of highly specialized partners to identify properties that meet our investment criteria and capital partner's needs.  We primarily focus on high return value-add investments in key markets around the US.

Upon the acquisition of the investment, WJY&Co deploys it's team, processes, systems, and partners to ensure the asset is rehabilitated and stabilized to achieve it's highest potential return for our investors. We believe that utilizing full cycle asset performance gives us the ability to further maximize and control the outcomes of our investments.

 After the property is stabilized and is performing at market value, WJY&Co will reposition the existing debt structure to return the initial investment capital to our limited partners. Our investors benefit from both the return of their investment principal and the longer term equity position that traditional multifamily investments offer.

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Strategy Map

Our Process





Rehabilitate & Rebrand


Achieve Desired Performance


Reposition Debt





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