For Investors

Who is WJY&Co

WJY&Co is a multifaceted private equity firm specializing in distressed assets and special situations. We primarily invest in the acquisition of value-add real estate and PropTech.

What drives us

WJY&Co is driven by the positive impact it has on the communities it invests in. Making prudent investment decisions backed by sound data, allows us to rehabilitate underserved and underperforming assets and areas while keeping capital preservation a top priority.  

What keeps us moving forward is positively impacting families and individuals through appropriate placement of funds and resources while also maintaining profitable outcomes for investment parties.

Our Mission

Everyone deserves a safe, clean, and affordable place to live. 

Too often affordable rental areas become neglected to maximize the returns of landlords. We believe that it is possible to have both a clean and safe living environment and maximize returns for our investors. Everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status deserves to have access to living conditions that allow them to build their lives and raise their families. 

Strengthen tomorrow by restoring today.


Leveraging the insight and support of valued partners to grow.

Strategic relationships with partners have allowed WJY&CO to make an even greater positive impact in the areas we serve.

Our Team

Strengthening Tomorrow

General Partner

Chris Wirthlin

Serial entrepreneur who is passionate about solving complex systemic problems like affordable, safe housing. Experienced in complex real estate equity and debt structures as well as the restructuring and negotiation of distressed assets.

Phone numbers:
+1 800-123-4567
General Partner

Meghan Young

Meghan has over 15 years experience in sales, business development, and project management operations. She has successfully managed large scale, complex, multifaceted projects and business developments with some of the largest companies in the world.

Phone numbers:
+1 800-123-4567
Vice President of Investments

Jason Johnson

Jason has extensive real estate and finance experience and has completed due diligence on over a thousand different real estate deals. Previous to joining WJY&CO, Jason managed a 130 million dollar portfolio for one of the top investment firms in the country and generated 43 million per year in new sales.

Phone numbers:
+1 800-123-4567
General Counsel

David Kerr

Seasoned in house general counsel with an expertise in complex entity and deal structuring investigation, asset protection, and due diligence analysis.

Phone numbers:
+1 800-123-4567
Director of Technology and Integrations

Nate Woodbury

Nate has extensive experience in managing the development and creation of software and other technology integrations. Nate has managed teams of technologists across multiple countries and has a unique ability to design and implement software solutions to solve complex business problems.

Phone numbers:
+1 800-123-4567